Sunday, September 30, 2007

Croatia Online - NATO in Croatia

Kaštela’s fishermen seem oblivious to NATO’s presence behind them. Not so Croatia’s military chiefs who, for the next 12 days, are playing host to perhaps the largest and most significant international military manoeuvre in Croatia’s recent history.

From 1st to 12th October, some 9,000 soldiers, 50 warships, an aircraft carrier, amphibious vehicles, frigates, cruisers, submarines and 60 aircraft will stage the largest NATO military exercise of the year in the northern and central Adriatic Sea.

The Noble Midas Exercise 07 is Croatia’s most challenging test yet before it accedes to full membership of NATO. Exceptionally, NATO has established a significant precedent by staging such an exercise in a none member country which may perhaps signify Croatia’s strategic and other importance to NATO.

The logistics ships arrived early and Kaštela bay has been the base for one over the last week. Today’s photo shows it looking protectively towards the mainland, from between Split and Čiovo Island, with the island of Brač in the background.


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