Friday, September 12, 2008

Croatia Online - News

We last reported on news available in English back in February 2006 - direct link Croatia Online - Keeping Up With The News. Much of that report still holds true though as far as English newspapers are concerned, in some city centre establishments you can find them printed on the day.
What has changed substantially is the amount of news available on the web, and thanks to our roving reporters, Diane and Roger, for alerting us to the Croatian Times, a great website for news, in English, about Croatia. Readers with property problems arising from the new residency rules introduced this year, and other factors, may be interested to read the section about the British TV producers looking for stories about holiday homes on the site.
Javno, a Croatian newspaper, also has English pages covering world and local news and the link will take you direct to these (or look for the small English button at the top on the home page). Similarly HRT the government owned television company.
Croatia Online will continue to highlight major news and events and don't forget to look at our sister site, Croatia Cruising Companion, for details of our cruising guide covering the Dalmatian Coast and Islands, and the latest nautical news.


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