Thursday, June 07, 2012

Croatia’s Ferries Fuel Inflation

Croatia Online - Zadar Jadrolinija

There we were yesterday, talking to Mark Murphy, on BBC Radio Suffolk, extolling the virtues of Croatia as a destination. Now we discover that the national ferry, Jadrolinija, has hiked its prices by a massive 20% from 1st June. It’s a good job we didn’t know that yesterday or the Director of the Croatia National Tourist Board, who came on the show after us, might have got a bit of a grilling!

Croatia’s ferries have always been good value for money, particularly for foot passengers. They have to be as they are a vital part of island life for the many people that still live on the islands. However, they’re fair game, I suppose, for profiteering from tourists in the summer season and I have a funny feeling that, knowing Croatia, the prices may go back down again in autumn. Most Croatians stay put during the summer so it’s pretty obvious who the increase is aimed at.

A little greed must be tempting when the locals see this mass of rich foreigners crossing their borders, jamming up their streets and monopolising their beaches, but you’d have thought that a massive state owned company like Jadrolinija would know better.

To listen to the BBC Radio Suffolk piece on Croatia (until 13.6.2012) follow this link and move the slider to 2:34:00.


Today’s photo shows the Jadrolinija ferry from Zadar sailing into the sunset. In the foreground is the great installation “Greeting To The Sun”, which lies right next door to another modern classic public installation – the Sea Organ, both by Nikola Bašić.