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Croatia Online - New Chinese Restaurant

Whilst we really enjoy Dalmatian cuisine - generally plain grilled fish or meat - it's always great to have a change. The Dalmatians seem quite conservative in their approach to different cuisines but we think this new Chinese restaurant will go down a storm with ex pats and tourists who are looking for something different.

There aren't many restaurants around that cater for a wider variety of cosmopolitan tastes so we were a bit apprehensive when we decided to try out Chinese Restaurant Peking last night with a couple of friends. Our last experience of Chinese food in Croatia was three years ago in Zagreb and that took us back to the days, many years ago in England, when Chinese takeways were a stodgy flavourless gelatinous mess. We needn't have worried however as we had a great meal - subtle and varied flavours, excellent service and a more than comfortable ambience. The restaurant is only a few months old and has yet to fully organise its wine cellar - our only criticism was the lack of a good reasonably priced house wine, normally about 70 kunas (£7) a litre. We're told that's being sourced but in the meantime we paid 140 kunas per 0.75 litre bottle which upped the price considerably. Wine aside, most of the main courses are between 45 and 60 kunas each (£4.50 to £6), fried rice (just enough for 2) is 15 kunas (£1.50) and plain boiled rice (for one) is 5 kunas (50 pence). Though it must be quite difficult to source the right spices and herbs, the flavours were authentic and the overall experience was a thoroughly enjoyable one. The owners are Chinese and our very helpful and efficient waiter was Croatian.

You'll find Chinese Restaurant Peking, on the coast road from Trogir to Šibenik. Heading north west past Trogir (without going over the bridge to Trogir Old Town), head towards Seget Donji and about 1 kilometre after Trogir, the restaurant is on your left with good parking.

Address: Hrvatski Zrtava 41A, Seget Donji
Telephone: + 385 21 880 401
Opening Hours: Noon to 11pm, Monday to Sunday

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Blogger Jane Cody said...

We've just heard from some friends who unfortunately did not share our good experience at this restaurant. Hopefully it was because they hit on an unusually bad day rather than us hitting on an unusually good day. However their story is, in many ways, a repeat of the stories we heard when the restaurant first opened.

When our friends visited last night, all of the food came out at the same time - starters and main course - so much of it was cold by the time they got to it. They found the portions small, which is fair comment from our previous experience, but we thought they were reasonable value for money and just ordered a few more. Our friends also had to remind the staff about the rice and, in general, had a rather sressful dining experience.

Sounds like a communication problem between the kitchen and front of house, or inexperienced waiters or a combination. Let's hope it gets iron out before the word spreads.

6:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pitty that there are not that many Chinese restaurants in Croatia. Recently I was looking for this one on the road to Trogir but it seems it is no more there.

There is one decent in center of Split and few in Zagreb. The quality is average as I can compare it with Chinese restaurants in Belgium and Netherlands.

During summer one more small restaurant in center of Split opens (Black cat) and they too have decent food and not only chinese but Thai and some Mexican.

I think in general issue is with demand (there isn't really a go out in restaurant culture as many people can't afford it), second reason is that there is no competiton, probably not many chefs available on market, and last reason quality of supplies for cooking.


11:00 pm  

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